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Seed Aspirators and Grain Aspirators

seed aspirator

Seed and grain operators have come to expect the most innovative, versatile, and cost effective equipment in the business from Ag-Machinery and Safety engineers. Our adjustable aspirator is no exception to that tradition. Pre-cleaned seed and grain naturally keep better. Designed to remove stems, pods, leaves, weeds, weed seed, dust, bee's wings and trash from milo grain sorghum, wheat soybeans, or corn before storage, our aspirator makes storage safer and simpler.



Our specially designed aspirators offer many features that make them unique in the industry. Three models give you yourchoice of two thousand, three thousand, and four thousand bushel-per-hour capacity, to precisely match your needs. Each model is quickly and easily adjusted; fine tuning the unit to clean out as much or as little as you require, at the volume at which you want to run. With the compact aspirator installed between the elevator leg discharge and consignor, the low horsepower fan and or cyclone can be mounted either aloft or on the ground.